Dandong Bei Yang Detection Instrument Plant is located in Dandong, Liaoning Province which is professional in manufacturing various kinds of X-ray detection instruments and X-ray tubes. Code of Manufacture License is Liao 06000133. There are many engineers and technicians who have rich experience in designing and manufacturing X-ray instruments, they bent themselves to innovating new products, developing series products and all these products are applied with advanced technology, equipments and technics. Many of these products have filled the blank in the field. Series products accord to standard JB/T7413-94 and JB/T8764-1998 issued by national department, the main products such as industrial X-ray detection instruments, industrial instruments of detection, diffraction analysis, fluorescence analysis X-ray tubes and medical diagnosis X-ray tubes have met the demand of detection in the field of national defence, shipbuilding, pressure vessel manufacture, and industry of chemistry, petroleum, steel pipes and fire proof material manufacture. The characteristics and quality of the products have met with the national and international standards comparing with same products nation wide. The standard achieved GB/T19001-2000idtISO90012000.
The products have characteristics of small volume, light, new style design, easy to operate, stable quality and portable to carry.
The X-ray tubes are well designed with advanced technics and stable quality which are wide applied for various kinds of detection, diffraction, orientation and fluorescence spectrum instruments. President Lubin Li and all staff promise to server clients with high quality products and complete service to meet with demand in the market.
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